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Townsend VFW hosting Santa Claus program – Lowell Sun

TOWNSEND — Townsend VFW Post No. 6538 and its Auxiliary is looking forward to bringing joy to numerous families in Townsend on Christmas Eve 2023 through its Santa Claus Program.

The Townsend VFW Post and Auxiliary began having a Santa visit children in Townsend between 5 and 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve more than forty years ago.

Santa delivers a small gift provided by the family to the children who have been signed up for the Christmas Eve Santa Claus Program.

Town residents have been informed about the program in past years through a postal patron mailing in early November. Due to the exorbitant projected cost, letters were not sent out this year.

Information about the 2023 program is being spread through newspapers, social media, and theTownsend Public Library.

Although the Townsend VFW Post and Auxiliary do not currently have as many Santa volunteers as they used to, they will visit as many Townsend homes on Christmas Eve as possible. The home they decide to visit will be determined based on the family having been previously involved in the program as well as how early the request was sent. Due to a limited number of Santa teams for Christmas Eve 2023, it is necessary to sign up and be confirmed for the program prior to turning in any gifts.

Those whose Townsend home can be visited on Christmas Eve 2023 will be advised that there will be a Santa available to visit them and the size and necessary preparation of the gift(s) and when and to whom to turn in the gifts.

Any interested Townsend family should immediately complete the Townsend VFW Santa Survey which can be found at https://forms.gle/PgkLehz3M5BKRWZX8.


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