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Tuca Ferretti has an explosive reaction by ‘excuses baratas’ in the Mexican selection

The critical moment that the Mexican National Team lives has divided opinions into all communication media and into ESPN, no exception with authoritative voices like Ricardo Ferretti and Hugo Sánchez.

Although the former Mexican player commented that Mexico lost (2-0) to Honduras at the Estadio Nacional due to a lack of mentality, the Tigres team criticized the interruption and said it was “an excuse for barata”.

The current ESPN analyst severely criticized that the Tricolor was in Tegucigalpa due to “falta de mentalidad”.

“Son jugadores de Selección Mexicana. Eso es una excusa barata. ¿Entonces van con la mentalidad de perder?”, said a molesto Tuca Ferretti, who later exonerated himself with the “Pentapichichi” by interruption.

The history of Real Madrid’s history is most difficult with the Brazilian technique, but it has already ended to continue with its opinion.

How do you know Mexico vs Honduras?

La Selección Mexicana played the Vuelta de los Cuartos de Final de la Nations League, esta noche en el Estadio Azteca. Llegan has a 2-0 lead.

Time: 8:30 p.m.

Transmission: Canal 5, Azteca 7 and TUDN.

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