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Aún faltan detalles y ajustes en el Sistema Vial Cuatro Caminos; quedarán lists this week

If you decide to go downhill, tend to load it next to Calle Río Amazonas. (Photo: FERNANDO COMPEÁN / EL SIGLO DE TORREÓN)

With adjusted values ​​and pending details that follow the Cross Road System, the warning signal will cause confusion among motorists, meaning that the warning will not be activated at 100 percent of the time.

We hope that in the course of this week, the Integral Maintenance System (SIMV) will provide the signal that can direct drivers in advance if they are driving, because for this reason, they do not have any sudden changes in their behavior. familiarize yourself with the modifications.

With the access to Calle Mónaco, it is when you can see the road that extends up to Calle Quebec. (Photo: FERNANDO COMPEÁN / EL SIGLO DE TORREÓN)

This is where you have to go to one of the metros of the unevenness of the direction towards the Independence, where you have to return to the second road after passing through the tunnel.

For another reason, with the access point to Calle Mónaco, it was when I saw the road that extended until Calle Quebec, where it caused huge strings; Respectfully, the director of Urban Life and Mobility, Luis Morales Cortes recommended that in this place, you should return to Calle Zacatecas near Saltillo, where Mexico is located in Madrid in Colonia Granjas San Isidro.

The automatic warning does not activate at 100 percent of the time. (Photo: FERNANDO COMPEÁN / EL SIGLO DE TORREÓN)

If you decide to go down the slope, tend to load it next to Río Amazonas Street, go to Río de la Plata and go straight to Río Grijalva.

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