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Thought Netflix’s One Piece Was Good? The Anime Proves Season 2 Will Be Even Better


  • The live-action One Piece series on Netflix has been renewed for season 2, indicating that it will continue to improve and surpass the first season.
  • Season 2 will adapt the first major arc of the manga and anime, taking the story beyond the initial setup and introducing more ambitious challenges for the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Season 2 is where Luffy’s story truly begins, as his fame as a pirate grows and his world expands, giving viewers a glimpse into the larger One Piece universe and its iconic characters.



Netflix’s live-action One Piece has already been renewed for season 2, and the anime suggests the next outing will be even better than the first. One Piece adapts Eiichiro Oda’s manga series of the same, as well as its anime. The Netflix series brings the story of Luffy D. Monkey and the Straw Hat Pirates to live-action, and it does a surprisingly good job of capturing the often cartoonish adventures of the crew. All iterations of One Piece follow Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates as they seek out the titular treasure and attempt to make Luffy “King of the Pirates.

The ending of One Piece season 1 sees the crew fully embracing their shared goal and the danger they face now that Luffy has the highest bounty in the East Blue. Luffy vows to head toward the Grand Line, promising even bigger adventures in One Piece season 2. With villains like Buggy the Clown and Lady Alvida after them, the Straw Hat Pirates will face some interesting obstacles in the coming episodes. Given what happens in the One Piece anime, it’s safe to assume the live-action series will get better from here on out.

One Piece’s East Blue Saga Is An Introduction

Mihawk, Luffy and Shanks in One Piece Live Action

One Piece‘s anime gets better after the first arc, and it’s likely the Netflix series will follow suit and improve after season 1. That’s promising, as the first eight episodes of Netflix’s live-action One Piece are already well received. If later chapters outshine the successful first season, it’s possible One Piece really will break the live-action anime adaptation curse once and for all. And it makes sense that the second season would be better. After all, One Piece season 1 is an introduction. The East Blue Saga establishes Luffy’s dream and introduces the main cast of characters. However, it doesn’t get the chance to significantly raise the stakes.

Now that the initial world-building and characterization is complete, Netflix’s live-action One Piece can dig into the meat of Oda’s story, just like the anime. With the live-action One Piece needing at least 12 seasons to adapt the manga and anime, it’s unlikely Luffy will get anywhere near reaching his goal in the second season. Still, even if One Piece‘s lead won’t find the legendary treasure any time soon, he’ll embark on more intense journeys moving forward. That will draw viewers, especially now that they’re invested in the characters and story thanks to season 1.

Netflix’s One Piece Season 2 Will Adapt The First Major Arc

The One Piece season 1 characters smiling and their arms folded

The live-action One Piece adapts the early parts of Oda’s manga, taking liberties with characters like Monkey D. Garp and Koby. One Piece season 2 will dig into the first major arc of the manga and anime, taking the live-action show beyond the confines of the story’s setup. It’ll bring the Alabasta Arc to life in all of its glory, throwing Luffy and his friends into the desert kingdom of Alabasta, which is plagued by political strife. The Straw Hat Pirates will have to stop a war from erupting, which is far more ambitious than anything they manage in One Piece season 1.

Needless to say, One Piece season 2 will have a larger scope, taking viewers beyond the East Blue and presenting the main characters with even bigger problems. That alone suggests the sophomore season will surpass the first one, but the goal of reaching the Grand Line also holds promise. After all, that’s where pirates in the big leagues spend their time. That means the main characters of One Piece are likely to face bigger foes — and potentially meet more powerful allies.

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One Piece Season 2 Is Where Luffy’s Story Properly Begins

Custom image of Iñaki Godoy as Luffy and anime Luffy in One Piece Netflix

One Piece season 1 may establish Luffy as the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, but season 2 is where his story will truly begin. In the first outing of the Netflix series, Luffy remains relatively unknown. As he and the Straw Hat Pirates travel around the East Blue, they cause enough trouble to attract attention. However, it’s only at the very end — when Luffy’s “wanted” poster reaches every corner of the East Blue and the Grand Line — that people really start to take notice. With Luffy officially a worthwhile pirate in One Piece season 2, his story will begin properly.

Many milestones await the live-action One Piece‘s lead, but it’s not just his accomplishments that will get bigger in season 2. Luffy’s world will expand as well, giving viewers a look at the rest of the One Piece universe and introducing them to more iconic characters from the One Piece anime. Luffy’s barely scratched the surface of his quest to become “King of the Pirates,” and One Piece season 2 will prove it.

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