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Juez no amparo to René Gavira, implicated in defalco millionaire to Segalmex

A federal court negó an amparo to René Gavira Segreste, involved in the case of the millionaire defalcation of the Mexican Food Service (Segalmex), against an acuerdo that declared the abandonment of his defense by not hearing in March of this year at a hearing of review of Medidas cautelares.

The ex-director of Administration and Finance of Segalmex buscaba echar abajo the determination of the Juez de Control, Gustavo Aquiles Villaseñor, with sede in the Reclusorio Norte, who declared the abandonment of the defense of Gavira Segreste, and ordered that he be designated an abogado de official .

In March of this year, Gavira Segreste did not present himself to the hearing of the Fiscalía General de la República (FGR) imputing him to the crime of illegal charges and charges, Please note that the order of arrest will be complied with when it is released in contravention of organized delinquency offenses and operations with illicit proceedings.for your responsibility in the amount of 142 million 440 thousand 883 pesos for the purchase of insurance that was not stored in its totality.

In the request for amparo, Gavira Segreste, accused of organized delinquency crimes, wasted money and illicit use of charges and facultades, accused that he was defended without being clearly notified by the hearing of the revision of the criminal charges, for which reason no introduction.

“The extra result and the fact of the matter can be conducted without sole arbitrariness or illegality, if you have a driver who has declared the abandonment of the defense In a hearing of March 26, 2023, where neither my defenders nor the above were mentioned, where we were definitely notified”, signaled René Gavira.

Sin embargo, el titulare juez Décimo Primero de Distrito de Amparo en Materia Penal en la Ciudad de México, Jorge Antonio Medina Gaona, declaró que el acuerdo del juez de control está founded and motivado, toda vez que la defense particular del quejoso quedó notificado de the date and time will be verified by the respective audience.

“It is ineffective, because the omissions made by the judicial body are non-existent. Before the unjustified insistence of the particular defense petitioner at the judicial review hearing, the Juez de Control correctly decree its abandonment and giró the corresponding office so that it is designated to a public, then there is only one request or insistence so that you can validly declare the abandonment of the referral; Therefore, he considered that the responsible judge acted correctly in representation of the losses of all parties and in respect of the law. Therefore, although we do not consider the reason for this, the procedure is negligible for the amparo requested”, resolved by Medina Gaona.

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