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It’s only a matter of time when a truck fits a truck.

A man of approximately 16 years of age lost his family’s night life in Saltillo, but a truck does not need to be taken care of.

After hearing the first investigations, the first person identified as Kevin, who aboard his motorcycle transited along Calle Emiliano Zapata heading north, into the Pueblo Insurgentes colony.

After arriving at Calle Miguel Hidalgo, when a Nissan truck continued to travel without having to do so, embistiendo al menor, el cual salió projected by various metros When you finally have to leave a personal transport truck, you will find it parked.

Immediately, we reported the accident to the Sistema Estatal de Emergencias 911, arriving at the paramedics of Cruz Roja, who immediately informed us that there was no contact with vital signs.

The sad notice alteró a familiares y vecinos del menor, los cuales comenzaron arremeter contra el driver responsibile, the one who got on board his truck.

Officials of the Preventive Police agree to the area, and subsequently Agentes de Investigación Criminal de la Fiscalía General del Estado come into contact with the field’s diligence as they collect the information.

As part of the fishing, these are the characteristics of the truck as the driver is reported as responsible, therefore I hope that in the near future the authorized hours will be logged in to proceed with your detention.

Once you have ordered the rise of the body, it will be translated to SEMEFO where you will perform the necropsy of the patient in order to determine the causes of your death.

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