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LSU Softball Star Freshman Causes Bedlam With Monster Deadlift

LSU softball Tori Edwards deadlift
Louisiana State University Athletics

LSU softball freshman Tori Edwards is Her with a capital H. Not only can she play every defensive position on the diamond, all she does is mash.

There is a lot of power behind Edwards’ swing and her presence in the lineup is going to be a crucial piece to the Women’s College World Series puzzle over the next four years. The 5-foot-11 utility player is already making a big impression on her teammates and coaches.

Edwards made a 405-pound deadlift look like it was no big deal. The Tigers went absolutely bonkers as their new teammate put up serious weight on the trap bar.

It was a dominant rep — in uniform without a weight belt — and there was still more left in the tank. Tori Edwards looked like she could have put up closer to 415 or 420. She made 405 seem easy.

Let’s be very clear: it’s not. Edwards is like that.

To compare, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas was summoned for a drug test after deadlifting 530 pounds back in April. He is four inches taller than Edwards and approximately 12 years older than Edwards. She was still in the general vicinity with her monster lift on Monday!

Edwards, from Flower Mound, Tex., played Edward S. Marcus High School. Ranked as a top-25 prospect in her recruiting class, she was named the District 6-6A Offensive Player of the Year three times and hit .463 with 43 RBIs in the state tournament last season. Casual.

Her commitment to LSU back in 2021 provided a huge offensive boost to the future of softball in Baton Rouge. Edwards is already making an impact!

If Edwards’ superhuman strength can translate to her bat, opposing pitchers are not going to have a good time trying to strike her out. No. 42 is coming for dingers!

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