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A Fed Up Richard Sherman Gets Heated With Skip Bayless During Awkward Exchange On ‘Undisputed’

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It appears that Richard Sherman is already fed up with Skip Bayless.

Two months ago, Richard Sherman joined Undisputed to help replace Shannon Sharpe, who had left the show on bad terms.

While their relationship seemed to be going smoothly, things got pretty heated during Tuesday’s edition of ‘Undisputed.”
While debating the controversial “hip-drop tackle,” Sherman thought Bayless was uneducated on the matter because he’s never played the game.

“Stop raising your voice Skip,,, you’re speaking on something you have no experience doing” Sherman told Bayless.

Bayless fired back at the former NFL cornerback ‘I’ve covered the game a lot longer than you’ve been alive.”

This led to a snarky Sherman to reply with, “I’ve actually played the game, longer than you’ve ever played.”

Based on this clip, it doesn’t appear that Sherman will be able to tolerate Bayless and his condescending attitude for much longer.

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